22 Weight Loss Tips

Every now and then, we can use some fresh tips & ideas to press on through our weight loss or take a new approach. Shape’s "22 Ways to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight" was just what I needed to get some fresh ideas about shedding the pounds. 

One tip the really resonated with me was, “Steer Clear of Super Skinny Models.” Often times we use images of what we aspire to be as a motivational tool - but sometimes looking at too many images like this can be discouraging. Even on my best day, my body probably won’t look like Giselle’s. We each need to strive to be our own, personal best without comparing ourselves to others, especially supermodels. I have found myself falling into this trap one too many times - “I’ll never look like her no matter what I do, so why try at all?” It was a good reminder to stop looking at others and focus on my own progress. 

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